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Simplify family life. Find a nanny you love. Simply.

Happy Family

A Boutique Agency With Exceptional Standards

Experience exceptional care with Balia, your boutique agency. We carefully select trusted professionals and tailor everything to meet your family's requirements. With Balia, you can relax and enjoy peace of mind, genuine connections, and unforgettable moments. Let us open up a world of opportunities for your family.

Childcare & House Managers

Our reputation for exceptional nanny and house manager placements is well-established. Additionally, we provide support for your family's transition with a newborn by connecting you with an outstanding newborn care specialist.

Home interior design

Household Staff

We not only provide nanny placements but also offer services for chefs, personal assistants, and much more. more.

Join Our Team 

We are always excited to meet new people and expand our incredible team of qualified household staff and nannies. Visit our employment page and submit your application!

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